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Caitlin B.  7/3/2016

Adele is amazing! We have used her service twice now, and we were really thankful to have such a caring and devoted person to check on our cats when we go on vacation. Adele sends email updates with each visit, which really sets your mind at ease. With Adele you know your pets are cared for while you are away. 

Highly recommend using Adele's pet sitting services!

Gaylen B.  6/14/2016

Adele is fantastic! She loves what she does, and is very experienced. She always goes above and beyond my expectations and is a really great communicator. She always takes the time to txt me or let me know what is going on when I'm gone, and I really like that. I feel like I can rest easy knowing she's there. She also always makes time for me, even when I have a last minute request. Always tries to accommodate my travel schedule. She's the best, and I'm grateful to have her in our lives. Thank you so much!

Casey B. 5/17/2016

I can't say enough about Adele! We got to know Adele over a year and a half while she spent time with our little Yorkie each day. She is friendly, caring, reliable and flexible. From the very first consultation, Adele was laid back and attentive. I can't tell you how many times our schedules randomly changed and Adele was always flexible and understanding. I only recall her ever taking ONE vacation, which she let us know well ahead of time. Adele was the first dog walker we ever had to send us daily picture and update texts. Very comforting and fun :) All of these things add up to her being the BEST! Now, if she would only move to VA with us :) She has set the bar very high - highly recommend her services!

Lia B.  8/18/2015

Adele was absolutely fantastic!!! We left our 2 dogs at home for the first time ever and were really concerned if they'd be alright. Oh boy, alright they were and then some. Adele took such amazing care of them that they were probably better looking and behaving then when we left them. She gave us regular updates and pictures of our pups, and they absolutely adore her. Our home was left in an immaculate state too. 

Highly recommend her!!!

Jennifer C.  7/13/2015

What a relief it is to have Adele watch your precious bundles of fur for you! 

Adele was wonderful; she pickied up the keys, did a pre-interview and took time to meet our cat beforehand. She was also very flexible as I had the dates of our vacation wrong and had to ask her to adjust her schedule. I also really appreciated getting an e-mail and a photo every day to show she was there and that our cat was happy and healthy! 

When we got home the litter boxes were clean, the water and food bowls were full... 

If you want to REALLY relax on your vacation and not worry if your friends are REALLY stopping by your house to check on your beloved pet, hire Adele!

Karen C.  4/13/2015

We relocated from the UK to the Bay Area approximately a year ago - in the past my neighbors use to look after my cats when we went away.  I met with a few pet sitters - but none of them felt "right".  Then I met with Adele - we immediately "clicked".  She is warm and loving and truly cares about the cats.  I love that she sends me daily updates and photos of the cats - I always feel relaxed leaving my 3 cats in her care - knowing they are in loving hands! 
She is fantastic and I highly recommends her!

Janice A.  11/13/2015

We are so thankful to have Adele as a weekday caretaker for our dog, Lucie. Adele is not only a true animal lover and a warm, gentle soul, but also an extremely professional, responsive, and communicative caretaker. It gives us such peace of mind to know that Lucie is in such good hands. She is also very considerate with small home requests, such as taking in the garbage cans on trash day, turning on lights, and bringing in packages. If you love your fur baby and need reliable and wonderful pet care, Adele is your gal.

Michelle T.  4/28/2015

Adele was wonderful with our little dog.  Friendly reliable, liscenced and bonded.  We were so happy that we are having her watch him again when we go on vacation.

Thanks Adele!

Jessie W.  3/23/2015

I can not say enough wonderful things about how Adele was with my cats.  They are VERY timid animals.  She would sit outside the closet they would hid in and she would wait for them to come to her.  She had amazing patience with them, and it completely showed.  I came home after a week-long trip, and my two beasts of cats were happy and content.  THANK YOU!!!

Maureen F.  4/16/2015

Adele is fantastic!  She walks our dogs once a week.  She is fairly priced, exceptionally reliable, and best of all great with the dogs.

Carlos D.  6/13/2014

We've used Adele to help care for our dogs on a couple occasions. Both times Adele has been very flexible with our schedule, accommodating with each dogs specific needs, and caring for our dogs as if they were her own.

From lap dogs to full-on working dogs, we have a 5lb maltese, and a 75lb belgian malinois, Adele can handle it all. I highly recommend her for all your pet sitting needs.

Melissa F.  10/24/2013

I recently made a huge life transition and moved from a house to an apartment.
My dog Shannon was used to having access to a yard 24/7 through a doggy door and I was frantic about what to do as I work 40+ hours a week!
Thank goodness for Adele!
She is by far the most professional dog walker/sitter I have encountered and really understands your situation and the needs of the individuals involved (two legged and four legged!).
She sends me a text message with updates after she leaves which is wonderful.
Even little things like leaving a light on in the afternoon in case I am home after dark.
Adele has made my like so much easier and given me peace of mind while I am at work.

Anna L.  8/17/2013

I was referred to Adele by my other dog walker, Glynis when I needed an additional dog walker immediately. She responded quickly to my email asking her if she was available to walk my senior dog. We had a "meet and greet" on 8/2, and she started walking Malcolm on 8/5. From the moment I'd met Adele, I knew she would be a reliable and responsible dog walker. My dog liked her her from the get go. She is punctual, professional and a joy to work with. She has been more than accommodating when it comes to doing extra walks even on the weekends!

I trust her completely with my buddy, Malky. Most importantly, what means the most to me, is her love and care she shows my 13 year Black Lab/Border Collie. Because of his age, and his health issues, he needs extra TLC. He looks forward to seeing Adele and having his daily walks with her. Adele is a true gem of a person. She is easy going in nature, however, she takes her job seriously and has never disappointed me.  I will continue to have Adele walk Malcolm on a weekly basis, even after I am able to walk him on my own. I am truly grateful. Thank you so much Adele!

Sue M.  9/26/2014

Adele is the best.  My former pet sitters relocated, and Adele provided the same great service I had experienced with the other provider.  She is very professional and I have no concerns about the kitties when I travel.  Her rates are competitive and she is very flexible in terms of dates and times.  

She is warm and caring and that carries over to her interactions with my babies.

I highly recommend Adele.

Kelli D.  5/9/2014

Adele is exactly what we were looking for in a dog walker:  extremely reliable, organized, professional, responsive, able to adapt to schedule changes at the last minute, and really loves our pups.  We have had bad experiences with dog walkers who are flaky, so we have been so happy to have Adele.  We have two Havanese who she takes out twice a day.  She texts me everyday with updates on their potty breaks and anything she notices that is out of the ordinary either at the apartment or with the dogs.  She voluntarily opens windows in the apartments on a hot day and picks up the treats that they like when she is at the pet store....really above and beyond what we expect from a dog walker, but very appreciated!  She is able to add extra walks on days when we are working late and cancel walks at the last minute if we don't need them.  It's great that she responds so quickly and is able to adjust to our constantly shifting schedules.  When are dogs are sick she takes special care of them and calls with detailed information about them.  

We are actually moving away and we are very very sad to lose Adele.  Don't hesitate to call her if you are looking for a dog walker in your neighborhood!

Kelly S.  4/29/2014

Adele is absolutely the best!  She has been walking our dog Daisy for just under a year now.  We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reliable, friendly dog walker.  Daisy loves her so much :)

Nancy B.  5/26/2013

We are so happy that we found Adele! She is professional, thoughtful, and attentive to details. She knows what to anticipate! I really appreciated having the initial visit, when we got to know each other and discussed how we imagined pet sitting would work. This was the first time we left our kitty at home while on vacation. I believed that she would be less stressed staying at home than staying at the vet's. We were gone 6 days and I was able to RELAX on vacation knowing that Adele was not only checking on our little girl every day but also letting me know how things were going. I am already asking if she will be available the next time we travel. Excellent service.

Matthew N.  10/3/2013

In a nutshell: Adele is an extremely professional, dependable, conscientious and friendly pet sitter.  I am VERY attached to my 2 year old soft coated wheaten terrier.  As a lifelong dog owner, I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable when it comes to dogs and pet care in general.  Therefore, I am very selective about who handles and/or interacts with my dog.  I started working with Adele a few months back, and have been extremely impressed by the overall quality and value of the services that she provides.  Adele goes above and beyond to understand my pet sitting needs, as well dog's idiosyncrasies (no detail is too small or insignificant).  She provides regular updates, and on occasion will even snap a photo of my dog on his walks - all extremely reassuring.  I trust Adele completely and would recommend her services to others.

Yohannes S.  11/20/2013

I've been meaning to write this review for some time. Anyone who has a pet knows they aren't your pet it's your family. Adele definitely is one of those people. She is prompt, meticulous, and prepared to go above and beyond of what should be expected from a pet sitter. 
Adele was looking after our cat for a couple weeks last Chritmas. Shortly before I left, unfortunately our cat became ill and was suffereing from a very bad skin infection. My girlfriend was extremely stressed out because our vet couldn't resolve our cat's worsening condition before we left. Adele worked her schedule to visit our cat more frequently on such short notice. She also recommeded another vet for us who was able to diagnos and prescribe the proper treatment for our cat (he has helped a newly adopted cat of ours too).  Adele sent picutres to us daily updating our cat's recovery. What stood out to us the most is the voicemail she left of our kitten purring while she played with her. Someone who truly cares about pets and compassionate about our peace of mind would do such a thing. She said, "I just wanted you guys to hear your kitten. She's doing much better now." I will be the first to tell you that our cat is very slow to warm up to new people. That voicemail she left said a lot to me. She was really spending her time with our cat. 
Christmas time is rolling around again, and  Adele I'll be calling you soon for your outstanding services.

Cordelia N.  2/15/2013

I just started a new job 6 weeks ago and needed someone to check in on my Greyhounds every day. I have to say, many pet sitters are not willing to do daily visits, but Adele agreed to an ongoing agreement! She comes in every day to give them a little time and a cookie, and I have to say the peace of mind she gives me is worth every penny. On occasion she gives me updates on the laziness of my dogs, which is more than I could ever ask for. :-) The thing I like about Adele is her professionalism and follow-up, in addition to being very kind to my pups. Hire her, seriously!

Rebeka D.  1/23/2013

Adele absolutely deserves the "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" 5-Star rating. My boyfriend and I were out of town for the recent holiday and unfortunately couldn't bring with us the other member of our family, our beloved cat. After reading Adele's webpage I was hoping that she would be able to accommodate our needs somewhat last minute, and lucky she was! 
  To add to the heartache of leaving our precious pet home alone for the holiday, our cat developed an infection from a scratch on her little head. We were worried sick about her, not knowing what it was or if she was going to be okay. I am so thankful that we had Adele to take care of our little one while we were away. She was very attentive to our cat's special needs--administering medication, spending time with her to lift her spirits, and even chauffeured her to the vet clinic! Adele also showed exemplary conscientiousness when she sent picture updates every time she visited our cat, giving us peace of mind that our little one was recovering.
  We were also very impressed with how Adele was attentive to keeping our cat's living space clean while we were away. She maintained the feeding area and potty area so nicely and even brought in the mail so we didn't have to worry about filling out a mail hold at the post office. Overall, I was extremely pleased with Adele's services and will definitely make sure that she is the only person who cares for our little girl when we leave town again!

Veronica A.  12/27/2012

It's the week of christmas and our families decided to meet in San Francisco/San Bruno area for a reunion. We had to bring our little doggies with us but had a hard time finding petsitters, daycare centers, boarding, etc. since most were booked and even overbooked for the holidays. Worse, since we were new to the area, finding someone we could trust to take care of our little ones in our hotel while we went sightseeing was a challenge... Most sitters I talked to were either booked or were not taking any new clients. Others were ridiculously overpriced and increased their rates during during the holidays... Luckily, we were referred to Adele's petsitters and lo and behold, she had an opening. When Adele came to visit us, it was amazing thay our two small dogs took to her right away. Lorenzo is usually shy or insecure around strangers but Adele made him feel safe. Adele was straightforward in responding to our questions, providing us with all information we needed to ensure her legitimacy and reliability without being pushy. She was indeed not only very professional but also sensitive to our and our pet's needs. 

Adele came to walk our pets everyday, rainy or stormy days and sunny days. She gave them treats, played and sat with them when they rested and our dogs were happy and relaxed when we came home. She sent me daily updates with pictures. She was very flexible and worked with our schedules.

Needless to say, I would not hesitate to bring the doggies again when we come to SFO which would be quite often. Thank you so much Adele for being there for us when we needed you. I know because of who you are, your business will not only take off but be buzzling soon!  Thanks so much!